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Kate Christiansen

kateA top agent in the Southern California real estate world, Kate Christiansen has allowed life’s experiences to shape her into not only a successful real estate agent, but also a person one can trust with life’s most exciting,momentous, stressful and difficult times.

Kate “graduated” from the pinnacle of customer service standards, Nordstrom department stores. While at Nordstrom, Kate managed several departments carrying the standard of commitment to the best customer service. Her standard for customer service was set.

Later, after being promoted to buyer for several Nordstrom departments, Kate frequently traveled to New York to cut deals with some of the most hard-nosed brokers in the clothing business. The art of the deal became second nature to Kate.

These refined skills have now bore fruit in the form of being named #1 Agent at Santa Clarita’s Keller Williams office for three years in a row!

Basically, Kate loves her work whether it is a standard sale, first time buyers or a mired deal. She finds great personal satisfaction in helping her clients, friends and neighbors with all areas of Santa Clarita real estate including short sales, often avoiding foreclosure,. Quite often she becomes a steadfast friend, confidant and support system to the very clients she serves.

Don’t suffer impersonal agents and have your calls returned days late

Don’t become another number on your agents climb to achieve his
single minded purpose $$

Don’t give up on your dream for your family

Do become more than a client…

These are mere words

Simply give Kate a call and find out for yourself why she is, more than a real estate agent. Because life is about- More than buying and selling homes.

Denise Melendez

“Having lived on the Westside my whole life I am excited to use my knowledge to help others get the most out of this beautiful area.”

Denise is our special agent who works on the Westside of Los Angeles. Prior to her real estate career, she spent fifteen years in broadcast sales developing a superior understanding of Los Angeles, but more importantly creating tremendous skills in building and fostering relationships with her clients. Having lived and raised her family on the Westside, she is fully equipped to be the TKCG LA westside specialist.








Sheryl Chapin

“There is nothing I treasure more than to insure our clients have a smooth and seamless transaction. It is my job to take care of all the bumps in the road so our clients can concentrate on this special time of their lives.”

Sheryl is Operations Coordinator and Transaction Manager at TKCG.

Sheryl has been with Kate since the very beginning of The Kate Christiansen Group. The group is truly built upon her propensity for organization and efficiency.











Eric Christiansen

“I operate at the highest level, where art meets marketing, generating outstanding results for all involved.”

Eric is Director of Marketing and Systems at TKCG and is the photographer for all of our properties. His experience and talent insures your property gets presented in the best light and reaches the largest possible audience. Eric has worked with some of the top advertising agencies in the world. His six-year run as producer of all national television advertising for the Rembrandt toothpaste campaign culminated in the brand being sold for over $200 million. In addition, he has been recognized as a top real estate marketer by RIS Media, the leader in real estate information as well as by

In the film world Eric’s commitment to excellence has generated seven Emmy Awards, four of those for photography. The New York Times recently said of his work: “Strikingly photographed by Mr. Christiansen. Eric is truly a double threat; marketing wise and artistically.” Eric is proud to bring his talents to TKCG to ensure the best possible experience to our clients.



Amber Caprine

“I feel lucky to be a part of the team at The Kate Christiansen Group because I feel we really help people in so many different ways.”

Amber is the Marketing /Administrative Assistant for The Kate Christiansen Group. She has been involved in customer service since the age of sixteen and has loved working with people ever since. Amber loves working with TKCG and enjoys continually learning and growing her knowledge of the real estate industry. She enjoys the creativity involved in marketing, particularly social media. To further her goals, she is also now back in school pursuing a degree in Marketing.